Welcome To Heroic Gaming !

Heroic Gaming is unlike other gaming stores you’re familiar with. Focusing not only on the gaming community, but the family sector as well, we intend to unite people of differing gaming styles to create a safe haven for gamers of all ages. Our open tables and open space is inviting to everyone of any age as we aim to create an upbeat atmosphere. Younger children will be encouraged to take their first steps into the imaginative world of gaming in our After School program. We have the space and resources for your Family Game Night to happen at Heroic Gaming! If you’re looking to create a wishlist or browse our products online, check out our online store. We carry an assortment of TCGs, CCGs, board games, miniatures and RPGs for every age. Don’t forget to check out our Events page to see the upcoming game tournaments, events and family game nights for you to attend! Our After School Program is perfect for growing creative minds in children! We have exclusive space and staff for programs to provide a safe and fun environment for children to have fun and be creative. “BE THE HERO”

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.